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Yesterday, I have felt sluggish… like I was moving through jello all day… it seemed like I expended much more energy to get things done… no bounce in my step.. plus it was a bad day at work.. 

I did not want to go to the Box.. at all… but I did… and it was hard but a different kind of hard.. after the warmup we did a AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 10 minutes.. but the movements were all unfamiliar and/or something I feared.. like the stupid “ring row” which is kind of like a very modified pull up… I lean back and support my weight with my arms in an angle with only my heels on the floor.. then situps and I mean ALL the way up.. then girl pushups… and finally kettlebell swings (which I like and felt comfortable with)… I was only through round two in the situps and I could tell I was going to hurt my back because as I got weak I tried to arch my back instead of rounding it and that was NO BUENO… so, no more situps after round two… I finished 4 rounds in 9:59.. but getting up and down off the floor was not pretty… and honestly was pretty embarrassing.. such an easy simple thing for most people.. but it’s a chore at my size. Plus, I kept getting dizzy.. sigh. I did finish though 

… and then I cried.. it was all just overwhelming.. how far I have to go. and my coach said “ya know, every workout can’t be a 10.. and sometimes the hardest part is just showing up and checking the box”.. this is going to be a long journey.. I know that.. I sat there getting my breath back and feeling sorry for myself.. but decided I needed to end this on a success of some kind so, after I rested a bit, I ran up two flights of stairs so I could break my stair record for the day. Then I left the gym. 


148 days til Africa 
60 lb goal with 47lbs to go


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March 22, 2013 · 12:52 am