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Kringles – who knew?

There are lots of chip people.  Some like chips that pretend to be good for you like baked chips or Harvest Chips.  Some are purest and love their ridges so Ruffles are IT.  Some are flavor motivated and go for sour cream and onion or barbeque.  Others are about the texture, the crunchier the better and kettle chips are their answer.  Me?  I like organization and crunch – so I’m a pringles chick.

Yes, I crave pringles.  Okay, I USED to crave pringles.. since I’ve given up the bulk of processed foods in my diet, my cravings have almost completely been eliminated!  But pringles would be a treat.. and I love to combine pringles with something sweet (that way I make doubly sure it settles on my inner thigh!).  So, I was looking for something to meet that salty, crunch craving and kept reading about Kale Chips on several food blogs – Kale Chips.  Kale, you know, the stiff, green, curly stuff they put on your plate as decoration?  Yeah, you can eat it!  WHO KNEW!  I ran across the following video and decided to massage my way through a bunch of Kale…

Here is my review of what I am calling Kringles (Kale Chips):

  • Taste? a bit bitter with a slight aftertaste
  • Texture? crunchyyyyy yes buttttt a very thin, airy, light crunch.  Okay, lets say that the crunchiest of crunch is a 10 … celery would be a 10.. and a 1 would beeee.. uhhhh.. a 1 would be Kringles!  They crunch but there’s just not much there.. like crunchy air?.. no, no… a crunchy feather! Just not much substance
  • Smell? I did mention bitter right?  Well, the fragrance was the foreplay of the taste.
  • Presentation? They look.. green.. but fun.  Their looks didn’t turn me off in anyway.
  • Caloric or Nutritional comments? Well, they are a huge bang for your caloric buck.  You can eat the whole darn batch for about 100 calories!  Kale is a great source of vitamins A and C, super Potassium content and not too shabby on the Calcium either.
  • Overall Score?  I give this as is a 4.  Mainly because it’s such a nutritious snack.  I will be trying Averie’s recipe for Kringles to see if cashews, bell pepper and nooch(?) can counter some of the bitterness.  Stay tuned!

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