Gettin’ Figgy with it!

Ohhhhhh the house smelled good today…

First, I tried the Fig and Maple Brussel sprouts from the Zesty Cook.  I followed his recipe pretty darn close… cut the little brussels in half, tossed them with a bit of olive oil, salted them and roasted them for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.  I like mine very done… start checking them at 20 minutes if you like yours less done.


Brussel Sprouts











Fig and Maple Brussel Sprouts

Combined 1/2 cup of chicken stock and the dates in the good old Vitamix to combine.  Then brought to a rolling bowl, turned down the heat and added 1/4 cup Maple syrup.  Simmered for about 10 minutes and when the brussels were done, I poured the mixture over them… all I can say is mmmmmmm.  I’m definitely serving this as a side at Thanksgiving!

Next, I couldn’t resist making some carrot fries!  I heard about them on HEABs site… and followed her link to Choosing Raw’s Carrot Fries.  All I an say is YUMMMYYYYY.  Lord they were good.  I had a small mishap withe the mandolin when I was cutting the carrots that involved some blood.. and well.. it could have been worse.. so BE CAREFUL… I wish I could have used my spiralizer but it just doesn’t work well with small veggies like carrots.

Again, I like a little black on my roasted veggies… the pan was still warm from the Brussels so I dropped a dollop of coconut oil and let it melt then rolled the carrots around until they were covered.  I added a bit salt and popped them in the 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.


Carrot Fries

Carrot Fries mmmmmmm











Rolled Oats in Vitamix

Oat Flour

I finished my day by gettin’ figgy with some Fig and Almond Shortbread by Miss Emily of Sugar Plum.  I changed a couple of things.. first I didn’t have any almond butter because I had just used the last of it to make HEAB’s ABU (almond butter, almond milk, plus some extras).  If you have not tried this – DO IT.  It’s the most amazing stuff… although I’ve never added it to some of the stuff that HEAB does (broccoli??)… it is SUPER on oats… and is great to spread on sandwiches or whatever.  The cool thing is you basically cut the calories in half without sacrificing that scrumptious almond butter taste!


ABU and Brown Sugar

Chopped Figs

But I digress… First I used the old vitamix to make flour out of a cup of rolled oats… I added some flour, clove, salt and a bit more rolled oats (non pulverized)… in a separate bowl, I combined the ABU with the brown sugar and creamed…  then added some vanilla to this wet mixture…. I omited the orange juice because I didn’t have any… I don’t think this effected the recipe too much since the ABU was much more moist than regular almond butter.  Finally, the dry ingredients were combined with the wet ingredients – and once that was mixed well I added the figs.  The mixture was pretty dry.  I used a rolling pin and rolled it out like a pie crust…. cut away the ragged sides and then cut into squared… placed in a 350 degree oven… I only cooked for 20 minutes because I wanted them chewier.. They’re very good and I know my friend will like them.  Personally?? I’d eat them with some ice cream… mmmmmmmm

And now, I need to clean the kitchen!


Fig and Almond Shortbread (Vegan)










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2 responses to “Gettin’ Figgy with it!

  1. Good grief, can I come over? What an amazing day in the kitchen, and I would love to try EVERYTHING!

    Love my veggies a little black, especially the Brussels. Love how the outer edges get all crispy. In fact, CD and I call them “crispies” and fight over who gets the extra ones that fell off the sprouts.

    Thanks for all the shout-out love. Glad you enjoyed everything, and I love Zesty, Gena, and Emily. All amazing bloggers and their creations are so inspiring.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Coconut oil is so beneficial for us and tastes tasty. They had to put the poor coconut oil sector out of business for nothing just to save the soybean industry because it’s cheaper. But the irony here is that they are siding with Big Pharma over herbs and Big Pharma is way more costly. I highly recommend every one to read “Weight Loss Cover-Up Exposed” by Astrid Lasco, to find the truth about what really makes us sick. Coconut oil is not a poison as we were made to believe.

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